Smart Rules stop automatically running

Every now and then, DEVONthink stops executing smart rules on import; smart rules will still list the records they should act on, and can still be manually triggered. At the same time, the “Apply Rules” entry in the context menu of records is no longer listed. The only solution seems to be to restart DT. I have experienced this phenomenon throughout the last number of updates, but have no means of triggering it.

(Fig. 1: Context menu missing the “Apply Rules” entry)

Do any of your smart rules use scripts? Or are there any background activities?

Probably we should ask whether any of my smart rules don’t use scripts :grin: Um, yes, a significant number of my smart rules use scripts.

In that case my first guess would be that one of your scripts runs endlessly and this blocks other rules & scripts. A sample would be useful in case of rules not working anymore to check what’s going on, thanks.

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Thanks - if & when the phenomenon reappears, I will sample DT and mail you the files :slight_smile: Thanks for your input Criss :slight_smile: