Smart rules suggestion

Hello DevonTech,

Would it be possible to add negative preconditions for smart rules? This would make the smart rules more adaptable. For example, if we look at in Hazel as follows:

There are preconditions such as is not, did not change etc.I am not suggesting that Devonthink needs to have a huge list of classifiers like Hazel, which could complicate things. However, a few negative conditions would be very useful.

For example, I can enable a smart rule if any or all of the following are true. But there is no condition for none of the following are true. See screenshot.

As well, there is a rule that looks for something that contains, but no way to classify items by does not contain. See screenshot:

Thank you very much DevonThink for considering this request. I am loving the beta. Keep up the great work!

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I suspect as time goes by they will eventually implement more options.

Hazel has a note section. Would be nice to have one too