Smart search to find notes with no tags

Does anyone know how you do a smart search for notes without a tag. I’ve attached a screen shot.
Screen Shot Smart Folder looking for notes without tags.png

Posted in the other thread as well.

Thanks very much. It worked perfectly.

The other thing that i noticed as i was categorizing the untagged notes is that the AI came into play and put them in an appropriate folder. This is so cool. In SOHO Notes i would have had to manually do all of that.

So I’m sticking with Devonthink. They really do though have to do something with their IOS device products as they don’t look good and have minimal functionality.

If you have some concrete ideas, why not send post them in Feedback, Requests, and Suggestion. Eric and Christian have always been receptive to hearing from users and several ideas have been incorporated into DT products. Give them some actual ideas to mull over.

Thanks. Yes I’ve been doing that. I’m now feeling I know DTPO well enough to start providing more solid input. I think they’ve got a lot of good ideas now for their next release of the product.