Smart tagging rule is not tagging documents that match criteria

I have a smartrule (fig. 1) to tag documents as “Repairs,” but some obviously matching documents are not being tagged (fig. 2). Only three have been tagged as Repairs.

Nevertheless, many documents in my DT3 have been correctly tagged “Repairs.” What is going wrong?

OK, nevermind. The documents were still in the Inbox, and the rule was for the database. Jeez, I feel dumb.

Your screen capture doesn’t show the Tags colum and there are only 3 documents listed in the Repairs tag group of the Inbox. So it’s not clear what is or isn’t tagged.

Why are you using All for the other criteria?

The ALL is because I want the document to both match any of the business names and not already be tagged with “Repairs.”
I showed the tag with only three documents in order to show that only three documents got tagged as “Repairs,” even though you can see from fig. 1 that many of them match the rule criteria.

I meant the All in the subcriteria. If you’re looking for names, use the Name criterion.

Also, you have the event trigger set to On Import. This would only affect newly added files. If you have existing files, they wouldn’t be modified by this smart rule.

What is shown in the results for the smart rule?
You could drag and drop files onto the smart rule in the Navigate sidebar to process them, even they’re already imported.

Ah. The ALL in the subcriteria is because I wanted to search the content of the document for those words.
I already executed the smart rule on the results that were in the database (as opposed to the inbox), and so there is nothing to show.
Thanks for the info, though.

You’re welcome.

If you’re looking specifically for content, use the Content criterion.