Smart way to get a warning before deleting a Group?

Seems that I have a tendency to delete Groups by mistake. Did so with the RSS-feed of this page.

Is there a way to get an extra “filter” before deleting Groups in DTPO?

I have followed the tips how to empty the trash with Hazel so more vulnerable now :slight_smile:.

You could always lock your groups. Create a smart group Kind>Is>Group, select them all, Command-Shift-I to show the info for the selection, and set the lock checkbox. You can still move locked groups to the trash, but you will now get this warning when you try and empty the trash.
Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 10.11.27 PM.png

Ok smart!

I have to read up on that. Can I add items to a locked group?

As it is a Smart Group I should imagine not directly, but I have just tested it and an item I added to other group with the criteria to meet those needed for a Smart Group that I locked did appear in the Smart Group.

Yes, there does not appear to be any limitation on locked groups, other than they trigger a warning if in the trash. You can add/delete documents from them, rename them, and move them.

The only function I had intended for suggesting the smart group is to make quick work of locking all the legacy groups in the databases. I suppose that one could lock smart groups as well, but there is the caveat that locked smart groups cannot be edited.

Here are two sample smart groups-one would find all unlocked regular groups, and the other would find all the unlocked groups and smart groups.


You are welcome!