This item in the forum menu bar does what?

I think I have already removed all traces of this. It was an ill-fated test. Can you point me to where it is still present, please?

Right now I see it next to FAQ and Members in the forum menubar. (In Safari and Atomic browsers on iPad.)

Even after clearing your web browser’s cache?

Yes, after cache clearing. I also added OmniWeb to the mix, which hadn’t seen the forum page for months, and Chrome, which has never visited the forum, and { SMARTFEED } appears in each case.

I see it also, in Safari and DEvONagent, after cleaning the cache.

Hmm, then it’s still in there. I will have a look on monday.

I have refreshed the cache of phpBB3. Does it still show up?

Yes. Cleared cache on iPad/Safari. It is still there.

Added 5-29: as noted below by sjk and Greg, pro silver over here, also.

Here, it’s only visible in the prosilver board style.

I use prosilver also.

Ah, Prosilver! Checked and hopefully removed.

Gone here!

And here!