Smartgroup suggestions

First I really want to say that to work with DT 2.2 is like a dream right now.
It works really great and I use it nearly everyday.

Possibility to search for the path in smartgroups

But I really want to request the option “path” to smartgroups, with is/is not parameters.

Why I want this is because I have over 1 million files (divided in multiple DT databases) with many different paths to my files. I have them on different harddrives and volumes and have indexed them so I can see all my important files.

But if I want for example to find all podcasts in the iTunes library, I can’t just type iTunes in the smartgroup option All to find this. If I should have 20 users with an iTunes folder. I must scroll down to find this folders right now and this take forever.
So with this path option it would be awesome to just type iTunes and boom, you get all files from all path with your searchtext

Copy global smartgroups to any database

I also want to request a possibility to copy global smartgroups to any databases. If you try to drag a global smartgroup, nothing happens. So please fix this too…

Hope you can implement this in the next build :slight_smile:

Thanks in advanced!

I don’t think either suggestion is feasible.

Think of a smart group as a list of search results. When you open it to look at the list, only those items that are currently found will be displayed. If, for example, you have items stored on external drives and those drives are not currently mounted, they will not appear in the list of search results. Similarly, items displayed in the smart group represent only those meeting the search criteria among currently open databases.

Smart groups that search across all open databases are placed in the Global sidebar. A smart group that results from a search within a single database is contained in the view of that database. To copy a Global smart group into a database view raises the distinct logical possibility that none of the search results displayed in the smart group came from that database, so that isn’t permitted.

Thanks for your reply Bill!

I’m not exactly sure how you mean, but I think I complicated things when I mention about multiple databases. The only thing I want with path is to have an option like you can search for tags, comments etc.
and search for some criteria.
I have already indexed 10 000 files in a database and my mission is to find all files that include the path Users/*/iTunes/ so I can get all files with this path. I don’t understand why this shouldn’t go to do?

I’m sorry for my bad explanation of what I want but skip the part with multiple databases. I just want to find files I have indexed on many harddrives in one database. That’s all I want…

I see, is it possible to duplicate a global smartgroup instead, so I can keep the structure and just change the values I want in the new duplicated smartgroup?