Smartgroups with complex tag criteria

I have successfully created smartgroups based on complex tag criteria, such as:

Smartgroup contructor:

Search in [Database]
[All] of the following are true
[Tag] [is] [tag1] [+]
[Tag] [is] [tag2] [+]
[Tag] [is not] [tag3] [+]
[Tag] [is not] [tag4] [+]
[Tag] [is not] [tag5]

Some smartgroups are even more complex (more Tag is not…).

Is there an easier way to create such smart groups?

Ideally, I would like:

Search in [Database]
[All] of the following are true
[Tag] [is] ( [tag1] AND [tag2] ) [+]
[Tag] [is not] ( [tag3] OR [tag4] OR [tag5] )

or better still:

Search in [Database]
[All] of the following are true
[Tag] [is] ( [tag1] AND [tag2] AND NOT ( [tag3] OR [tag4] OR [tag5] ) )

Is anything like this possible?


BTW, there’s no way (AFAIK) to enter something like

(tag1 AND tag2) AND NOT (tag2 OR tag4 or tag5)

``` as a single predicate in the Smart Group editor.  Try it, and this happens:


Everything gets merged into a single strange tag

Thanks for confirming that a short form syntax is currently not available. I am using your suggested style of multiple tag is, is not, syntax.

Maybe in a future update the shorter syntax might be supported?