SmartRule triggering on Imprint?

Hi there!

Is it possible to trigger an action after Imprinting a document?
Ideally, I would like to Imprint an Invoice with "Paid " and then trigger an action, where the “unpaid” tag gets removed and is automatically moved into a “Paid invoices” folder.

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A smart rule could both perform the additional actions and afterwards imprint the document.

Imprinting is a nice 1-2 click action I can perform on a PDF, with multiple Alternatives being available. I have stamps for invoices that have been paid before scanning, paid at a certain future date and paid at the time the imprint gets added (with a timestamp). Furthermore I have a stamp for a status that I‘ve submitted an invoice to my health insurance.
All these would trigger different actions in DT.
I find folder sorting more tedious than imprinting… is there an alternative or do I have to bite that apple?

You could create multiple rules, each applying the desired stamp plus the additional actions. Afterwards you could use the rules manually (e.g. by dropping items or then or via Tools > Apply Rules > …) or automatically using another trigger instead of Tools > Imprint.