SnapScan 300M - is this supported?


I just noticed that Fujuitsu has a new scanner, the SnapScan 300M (smaller, mobile, cheaper).

Do you know if this works with DevonThink much the same way the 500M does?


– Ed

Yes, it uses the same scan control application, ScanSnap Manager, to send PDFs resulting from scans to DT Pro Office for OCR and storage into the database.


Bill you say that scansnap sends the pdf to DTP. Where can you find it? It’s not in the DTP inbox, when i scan.

Under the scansnap manager, its says “application”- I chose DTP, but under “save”, the DTP option is gray, even though I turned off the “Quick Menu.” I just can’t find my documents in DTP.

An unidentified window comes up to name the document, but the “save” button doesn’t say where it is saved to.

Can you or anyone help?

Thank you very much,

The default setting for the Save tab in ScanSnap Manager Settings is the Pictures folder in your user account. That or almost any other locations in the Finder is OK. However, do NOT select the Inbox in Finder. Note that in DT Pro Office Preferences > OCR, if you check the option to send the original PDF to the Trash, the PDFs saved, e.g., to Pictures will be removed as they are OCRed. I usually have the sliding scale for OCR Accuracy all the way to the left.

Now, in ScanSnap Manager Settings click on the Application tab. Browse for and select the DEVONthink Pro Office application.

Click on the Scanning tab and choose Automatic Color and Best. If you wish to assemble long documents from a series of feeds in the sheet feeder, check Continue scanning after the current scan is finished (I use that setting; if all the pages of a document have been scanned, click on the Finish option onscreen.)

Click on the File Option tab and choose PDF.

Click on the Paper Size tab and choose Automatic Size. Always insert pages in Portrait mode. Adjust the sliding holder tabs as necessary to match the width of sheets.

Click on the Compression tab and slide alt the way to the left for Low compression.

Now insert sheets in the sheet feeder and press the Scan button on the scanner. That’s it.

If you are puzzled about where your PDFs went, click on the Today smart group and select one. Press Command-R (Reveal). The view window will display the location.

Comment: As I usually scan several documents in a scanning session, I don’t want to be bothered with filling in document attributes after each is OCRed (that stops the queue and waits for me to respond). So I leave unchecked the ‘Set document attributes’ option. I don’t bother with document attributes anyway, but if you wish to enter them, that can be done within the database.

While a batch of documents is being OCRed, you can continue using your computer, with OCR taking place in the background.