SnapScan page order

after Mojave update the page order of scanned pdf files are mixed up.
The order doesn’t follow any pattern, it seems to be random.
I use a Fujitsu SnapScan S1500 and before the Mojave Update everything worked fine. Latest update is installed.
Anybody with similar issues?

We’ve received few similar reports. But neither DEVONthink’s import nor the OCR engine change the order of the pages, therefore this is probably a Fujitsu issue. Which scan software (ScanSnap Manager or ScanSnap Home) do you actually use and is it compatible to Mojave?

ScanSnap Manager for Mac V3.2 is installed and flagged “Mojave compatible” by Fujitsu

I’m not sure where you’re seeing that as 3.2.L80 is marked as incompatible with High Sierra on Fujitsu’s website. And on their incompatibility notes…


just updated to ScanSnap Manager V6.3L70. Seems to work nicely! I don’t understand why the Fujitsu online Update function doesn’t install this version automatically?

Thanks for supporting me on this issue!

You’re welcome.

And thanks for supporting me, too! I just discovered this issue using an updated Mojave VM under Parallels. Had no idea that ScanSnap had updated the Manager! Every time I checked this, it told me I was using the latest version. Obviously I wasn’t. Kudos to you and DEVONthink!

Welcome @Lutepisc
Glad to hear it and thanks! :slight_smile: