Snippet is gone! Where is it?

Hi and good day,
I dropped a snippet into the left-side sorter, signalling: (1)
but I can’t find it in the Global Inbox or anywhere.

Also no search result . How is this possible?


with best regards,
Omar KN
Stockholm, Sweden

signalling: (1)

It’s unclear what you’re referring to here.
Is this about DEVONthink 2 or 3?

A screen capture could be helpful.

It’s DT3

Here is a screen dump

It’s really strange.


with best regards,
Omar K N,
Stockholm, Sweden

That looks like the old sorter from DEVONthink 2. Rather than the new Devonthink 3 sorter. Have you looked in DT2 global inbox.

@Grantst is correct. That is the DEVONthink 2 Sorter. You need to check in DEVONthink 2’s Global Inbox.
Then choose Tools > Hide Sorter in 2.
Then quit it and delete the DEVONthink 2 application from the /Applications folder.

Thank you @BLUEFROG, @Grantst: after having finally uninstalled DT2, those 2 lost items appeared in DT3’s Global Inbox


You’re welcome :slight_smile: