Snooze files to bring back into Today?

Is there a way to bring an entry back so it shows in the Today special folder?
I work with PDFs which I need on specific days. I don’t find alarms very useful as they are unreliable.
I want to give a file a due date and have it show up in Today when I need it,
Any ideas?

While you could modify the creation/modification date via the Info inspector, maybe it’s easier & better to use a flag, label or tag for this task and a different smart group?

I did think about that but how do I give a tag, flag or smart group a specific due date without having to create a new one every time?

There is a Due Date column but I don’t seem to be able to add anything to it.

The due date is specified via the reminder but you could also use a custom date (see Preferences > Data). Or you create a smart rule with only one action (Change Modification Date to Current Date) and drag & drop the items onto this smart rule when necessary.

I might have done it.
Add the reminder date I want.
Change the Today search to include due dates.