Snow Leopard Issues

I just finished doing the same thing and my experience has gone from everything on the computer is borked, to everything is mostly working and dividing up the remaining damage into stupid things I did, or things apple broke lists.

Minor problems left, devonthink is slow as molasses but it mostly works. Clean install and migrate worked wonders, Upgrade was anything but.

Now I’m running SL since 3 Days and almost all worked well. Today I tried to switch from 10.5.8 to 10.6.1 with DevonThink Pro Office and I was not able to install the OCR -> System stopped working.

And after starting Mail, the following Note came up:

Mail hat folgende Plug-Ins deaktiviert:


Wenden Sie sich an die Hersteller dieser Plug-Ins, um Versionen zu erhalten, die mit Mail 4.1 and Message 4.1 kompatibel sind.

Can you please provide a version with witch I can install all the addons (OCR etc.) ?


Public beta 7 will be released soon.

Thanks for the quick response, hope all will be fixed then - will not miss my DT :smiley:

Bill: is there a mailing list we can get on to be updated? I subscribe to The Balcony blog via RSS. Will there be a post made there when it’s ready?

Yes, Eric posts such news in his Blog.

Start checking for the public beta 7 update by clicking on the application name in the menu bar, then choose the ‘About…’ option. If you do that every 12 or 18 hours you will be rewarded soon. :slight_smile: