So badly want to switch from EN, but DT just isn't there yet

I’ve tried several times to make the switch, and after investing hours trying to make it work… go crawling back to EN.

Things I love:

  • multiple databases
  • encrypted databases
  • dropbox sync
  • multiple highlight colors
  • auto sort features
  • wiki links, aliases, smartlists, etc.

Things driving me nuts:

  • terrible table formatting / glitches
  • real lack of formatting features
  • pdf annotation glitches
  • in-line only attachments
  • capture still far behind EN

Here’s screenshot (since we can’t post links) for how I use EN for research… Soon as DT can enable a similar workflow, you’ve got me for life.

I agree that DT is an incredible powerful utility for research and collecting documents. BUT there are little details so “unergonomic” that sometimes i wonder if developers really work with DT.

One of the exemples is, as you say, that there is still no “marker pencil” for mark highlighting text in a PDF. This is one of the first features that most people i know use in “Preview” when working on PDF for exemple in Dropbox-Based Document storage.

Who the hell wants to right click and choose “highlight”, or remember a three-key keyboard shortcut to highlight instead of “read, click on a word, it is highlighted.”

Interesting discussion to me because since I discovered DevonTHINK my pitch for it has been “It’s better Evernote than Evernote”–

– with the disclaimer that you need to be all in on the Appleverse, and DT can be very complicated. Iif you just want something to take notes and clip stuff, you might be better off with Apple Notes, Bear, or any of many other options, some of which have completely different paradigms than DT/EN – for example, NotePlan and Agenda. Or you could just stick with Evernote.

But if you’re all in on the Appleverse and you feel like you’ve outgrown Evernote, well DT is a good choice.

However, I’m not arguing with people who disagree with me about that. We all have different needs and work habits.

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