So many zero bytes after ocr I wouldn't or i would to manage with safe

When I launch a smart rule to ocr the pdf of an indexed folder (the rule converts pdf to pdf + text and then transfers them to the trash), I find myself many zero-byte pdf files. I created a smart group to collect them, but I find myself files instead open them, that is, with textual content. Because? (I specify that in the composition of the rule I identify the pdf by exclusion because previously, by directly inserting kind=pdf I also found myself tags and groups, and sicccome after a quick look at the results I would like to proceed to the total elimination I would not make fatal mistakes). Thank you

Please post a screenshot of the smart rule. And why are you manually moving the files to trash instead of setting the global OCR preference for that?

What’s the location of the indexed folder? Is it a cloud folder?

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a virtual disk mounted with Veracrypt from a pen drive

Does it work in other indexed locations?


Did you check that there’s enough disk space on this virtual disk and that the file/folder permissions allow read/write access?

sorry, before reading you, I created a new database and now it is ok