So Much For The Instapaper Replacement. . .

Well, I’ve tried the new declutter option. . . On the New York Times website, all I captured was a link to the website. I was using the one-page PDF option.

Prior to the update, I had a similar tiny button for Instapaper. I never saw a login window. And Instapaper works on the NYT website.

So how do I get Instapaper back?


(IMO, the old Instapaper option was more horrible than this option – so personally I’m in no hurry to get that one back, either. I would rather see DEVONtech evolve the new approach than regress to a bad approach. And, FWIW, clipping from NYT is always fraught.)

The best clipping options in case of the NYT are probably to take either a rich note (see Services menu) after selecting only the article or to print a PDF to DEVONthink.