Having been eagerly waiting all month for the arrival of the public beta for Devon Think, and noting the promise to release it in “October 2004,” I have signed on Sunday morning, 2:23 AM, on the last day of October 2004, hoping to be able to download a copy to beta test.

Am I missing the download link somehow?

I am told on good authority that I need several of the Pro features … ]


No, you’re not missing the download link. It’s still not there :frowning: We’re fighting a couple of nasty bugs and don’t want to release a buggy piece of software, even if it’s called “Beta”.

We WILL release DEVONnote 1.5 this week, though, which already incorporates a lot of features inherited from DEVONthink Pro, and then continue to work day and night to iron out the last final glitches. Promised, it’s not far now, but we don’t want to publish an exact date.

I hope this does not make you too sad. We just want to deliver a rock-solid application, and the Public Beta will be much more complete and stable than the “final” versions other companies publish.