Does anyone know of a Solarized or dark theme that can be used with DEVONthink (on either Mac or iOS)? I’ve been having eye trouble and I could do with something to help. Most other apps I use have various themes available (Scrivener, MarginNote, Drafts, etc.)

If it is not presently possible, might I suggest that it would be something to consider for a future version?


Themes aren’t supported at the moment.

You might get some benefit from using a tool such as f.lux ( - which takes the edge off the blue light. There are likely other such tools that might help globally as opposed to on an app by app basis.

“Themes aren’t supported at the moment”

By logic…that implies that themes will be supported in the future.

I think it’s more like “themes might be supported…”.

I can only hope :slight_smile:

Thanks for the various replies. I am not holding my breath, but it would be nice to use a softer background for text. After all, it seems to be growing more fashionable (thinking of Byword and various other “minimal” text editors). But DT has never exactly been famous for its visual aspects :slight_smile:

Yes, I already use f.lux, and have done for a while. I’m afraid it doesn’t help in this case.