[SOLVED]Create a user db from a sync store?

after a crash the DT database of a user is corrupt.
Only an older backup is availible.

Is it poossible to create a new DT user database from an existing sync store ?

Did DEVONthink or the computer crash? And what exactly is corrupt? In addition, please disable the sync store in Preferences > Sync to avoid that the corruption gets synchronized.

parts of the DT database erased - recovery not possible

After a crash of what… DEVONthink or the Mac?

parts of the DT database erased

Hold the Option key and choose File > Restore Backup and choose an earlier date to see if it’s a metadata issue.

Mac (heavy) crash

Restore Backup doesn´t help much.

Database check&repair = missing 1575 files
repair failed

Remembering sync is not a backup, neither advertised nor advocated as such…

  1. Close and move the broken database to a different location (to be deleted later, most likely).
  2. Enable and select the sync location in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync and double-click the database in the Remote section of the Databases list. Save it to the Databases folder in your Home directory.
  3. Then get your proper local backups going again.

fixed … long night :slight_smile:

  1. close DT database in DT and stopp all syncs. Then leave DT.
  2. restore sync store from yesterday backup because actual store was damaged too
  3. erase damaged DT database
  4. restore DT database from backup (from day before yesterday)
  5. start DT, activate database & run “optimize & repair”
  6. enable sync store … wait until sync finished
  7. start backup prcoedure (as BLUEFROG explained Hold Option…)

As a result, only a few files of today have been lost, but they could be restored manually.

Thank you very much for the support !

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Glad to hear it. :slight_smile:

And I had a very long day a month ago when a backup drive failed before a critical change I was intending to make. But partial backups are still better than no backups to fall back on!


So do I take it that you can, if all else fails, import your databases back from the sync store? (I never fully understood what the sync store contained: I assumed it wasn’t the actual data.)

I assumed it wasn’t the actual data

It’s not. Except for a direct connection (Bonjour), sync locations don’t contain the “actual data”.

So you can’t you retrieve the database like that? Oder?

As it’s possible to import remote databases from a sync store, it’s of course also possible to import the latest version after deleting the local database. But it’s not recommended as the only backup tool.