[solved] DevonThink 3.6 OCR functionality don't work anymore


I just updated my DevonthinkPro to version 3.6 and when I used the OCR function I didn’t got anymore a readable PDF as with the previous version juste “PDF” file without any possibility to search in it.

Is there a bug or should I wait to have an update of the OCR plug-in ?



Did the activity window appear and downloaded ABBY? If not restart DEVONthink.

Upgraded from what - DEVONthink Pro Office or DEVONthink 3.5.2?

Devonthink 3.5.2 :slight_smile:

Anything reported in Window > Log?

nope just that the 2 files I wanted to transform in readable PDF have been created but for sure they aren’t readable

OK just relaunched Devonthink and this time I checked the plug-in window a new version of Abby is proposed to be installed :slight_smile:
I’ll check once done to see if after this update I will have readable PDFs

What kind of Mac do you use?

Issue solved after the update of the ABBY plug in :slight_smile: