[solved] DT 3.6 no longer starting up after reboot

already contacted support, but maybe somebody on here has encountered the same issue and was able to resolve it:

am running on Big Sur & DevonThink 3.6. after a reboot of the system (not the 1st) devonthink is no longer coming up. it gets stuck at the light blue startup window/picture with the rainbow wheel happily spinning for eternity (no time out that I can tell). DT seems to be stuck prior to requesting the password for opening an encrypted database.

any ideas? can I e.g. start DT without any databases and then trying to manually open them one by one to see if this gives me more clues?

I have no experience with encrypted files or this problem … but, consider powering down completely, then start. Not just a “restart”. I’ve done that with Big Sur once already and it fixed whatever I was seeing a problem with (not DEVONthink, but something else).


thank you, this is amazingly indeed a step forward - obviously Big Sur indeed still has its problems. shutting down and cold starting the mac did help start up DT again, however there are two databases not coming up automatically and when attempting to open them manually I cannot as they are greyed out like the databases that are indeed open…

see this thread for a probable solution

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excellent, this did the trick - thank you!..I guess big sur was the last .0 update I installed right away… :wink: