Solved: DTP 3 does not request PSW, although it's given in migrated Database


I’m testing around with DTPro 3 with a copy of my database.
The database ist PSW-protected under DTP Pro Office.
DTPro 3 does not request PSW although it is given in DataBase-properties.

Is there something I missed eventually.

regards michael

This protection was really limited and is now obsolete, see File > Database Properties. Usage of encrypted databases is recommended instead.

Many thx for your answer, but that not what I want to hear :wink:
I want to protect the DB against unauthorized opening in Devonthink for reading within one account we use for several persons.
Without protecting by PSW we can’t use DBP 3 as we did with DTPO 2 .

If you use an encrypted database (see File > New Encrypted Database…), then you have to enter a password before opening it (as long as you don’t add it to the keychain).

Hi cgruenenberg.

That’s what I was looking for.
Many thx.

regards michael

And for existing databases, you have always had the option of creating an encrypted sparsebundle disk image in Disk Utility and locating the databases there.