[SOLVED] How to get synced items from DTTG to Mac (HDD Crash

Hi Guys,

My Mac’s hard drive recently crashed and I lost alot of data, however most of my important stuff is still synced to DTTG. Is there anyway I can get that synced data back into a fresh install of DEVONThink? I have tried just syncing but obviously I’ve had to reinstall Mac OS X (and DT) so it tells me it’ll delete the data if I try to sync to the new copy.

My iPhone is jailbroken so I can SSH into it if necessary.

Thanks in Advance.

If you have SSH, the files are all in the Devonthink folder. You can extract them from the iTunes backup, too.

I have to wonder why you don’t have a backup of your hard drive, though? No time machine, no iDisk, nothing?

This is a bone I’ve had to pick with the DTTG app is that it forces replicants into the device and then again into the backup iTunes makes on the hard drive of the device.

using SSH, navigate into the DTTG folders and you’ll find the files there.

That would be my own naive idiocy :blush:

Thanks for your help, I shall try SSH.

EDIT: Thanks alot jbmanos, worked fine though none of the files have their original file names at least I have the data back!

Good for you! Sorry you had to lose some things but glad to hear that you were able to get some back.

The file names are the work of DT’s internal indexing. It’s a good thing, but probably does make a situation like this tough to rename it all.

You can probably back that ipad up to iTunes and see if the files get dumped into the md backup file on the hard drive, too. Extract those and when you rebuild your DTP database, be sure to save a copy of it on some external media, even USB stick or sd card. Something.


Yes, getting a Time Machine backup sorted was the first thing I did after reinstalling OSX. It’s certainly true that experience is the best teacher! :unamused: