[SOLVED] Mail plug-in >> importing mail message, sees entire mailbox being imported instead

Hello all,

This has been happening periodically over some time now – but given that it mostly works as expected, I haven’t really thought to query it.
This morning, I was doing other things – and by the time I had noticed what was happening, several hundred emails had already been imported, before I could cancel.

As the title suggests > over in Mail, with a message selected, I use the “Add to Devonthink 3” plug-in.
Most of the time, only that email gets dropped into DT3.
But occasionally, the plug-in appears to disregard the Message that is selected, and instead starts to import the entire ‘mailbox’ that is (also) selected in the sidebar.

In other words, if I have my “Unread” smart mailbox selected, and inside of it, mail message ABC – most of the time, message ABC (alone) will be imported, but too-frequently, when doing same with message DEF, an “Unread” group will be created over in the DT3 Inbox, and DT3 will then start importing all 50/245/1,242 messages from the mailbox

Any suggestions on what might be going on?

There are distinct scripts for “Add mailbox” vs “Add message(s)”

Might you occasionally be choosing a script other than the one you intended?

Ah - complete user error! :blush:

You had me go and check again – I didn’t realise that the ‘same’ menu item appears under both my /Mailbox and /Message menu over in Mail…

I even have different shortcuts for each, with the “shift” key being the difference between the two – but somewhere between the transition from DTPO2 and DT3, I appear to have forgotten this…
I was clearly selecting different ones each time, and hence, the different result.

Wow. That being said, there does appear to be some down-side in clearing out one’s emails first thing in a very early morning! :sunglasses:

Thanks for the head’s-up!

Don’t ask me how I knew this so quickly :slight_smile:

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