(Some) DTTG Database Folders Not Showing Up in iCloud File Provider (Solved)

After a bit of research, I found a solution to my problem - all of my databases were syncing properly, but the databases in question were in the DTTG app, but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why these two particular databases were refusing to show up.

The short of it is that I changed the titles (not the actual database names, mind you) of these two databases to have a . as the first character, so they would always sort on top.

The Files app interpreted those leading periods as hidden system files, which are hidden by default.

Changed those to a different, unreserved blank Unicode character () and they’re back in the Files app under DTTG’s file provider extension (sorted on top as well!).

Just a little heads up if anyone comes across this problem in the future.

Yes, prefixing a filename with a period would be a very bad idea, in iOS and macOS. That is the convention for hidden files on UNIX systems.

I also would dissuade you from the null character as well. A simple underscore is the typical character applied in these cases.