Some files not available despite complete synchronization

Dear all,
to further explain the title of this topic: The problem that occurs here is between Devonthink Pro Office (DTPO) on a desktop machine and Devonthink 2 Go (DT2G) on an iPhone. When I add files to a database via DT2G they get snychronized on my desktop device. Meaning I can see the file name, size, type so basically all the metadata. That tells me that both instances of the software communicated over the server. However, I cannot open some of the files on my desktop machine and these files are faint in color. When they are selected it shows
File not yet available and a download button is offered that sadly enough only leads to a spinnig wheel for a while but does not download anything.
If I then duplicate the complete Folder containing these offending files they get synchronized properly though. So I can retrieve all missing files via this step but it is time consuming and annoying.

Sorry I am new to this forum. I used the search function but could not find a topic. If this has been discussed already please point me to it without stoning :laughing:

In DEVONthink:
Hold the Option key and select Help > Report Bug to start a support ticket. Thanks

Experiencing the same problem

Hello I started the bug report and will post the solution if possible.