Some general questions

I am finally going to purchase DevonThink Pro this weekend and start putting stuff in it. A few questions.

One thing I really want to do is get bookmarks into a database that let’s me tag them. I want to be able to access my bookmarks from the web and also add to the bookmarks. From what I have read here and in the Take Control book DP will do this. So I am going to get all my bookmarks out of Together and PinBoard, stick them in DP and tag them.

I have some bookmarks in Safari, for things I use a lot. Any way to sycn/intergrate those.

Overall question. What I want is a tool that I can throw electronic “stuff” into and it will tag it or I can tag it so that later when I want to look up something on, I don’t know, “ePub”, I can find bookmarks, PDFs, documents, anything to do with ePub.

That sound about right?

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


Use File > Import > Bookmarks > Safari to import your Safari bookmarks.

The thing about tags is that they can mean whatever you want them to mean. So, what you want to do with tags is a good use of DTP. But, as you increase the data you keep in DTP, you might find the AI classification and search features to be even more powerful. Tags can be very time consuming to maintain, but the DTP AI just gets better the more data you have and requires no maintenance on your part.

I assume the “Sync to Safari” is one way? I will probably do that and then leave only the most frequently used bookmarks in Safari.

Glad to hear about the AI, I will just let it do most of the work. Exactly right about tags, I don’t want to be a slave to the database and its tags, I want it the other way around.

It’s more a one-way import and not a sync. (Two-way bookmark syncing is a non-feature.) I wouldn’t delete my Safari bookmarks, since they are the basis for syncing bookmarks with iPhones, iPads, and (soon) iCloud – if you ever use any of those modes.