some help: PC apps

I had a few people ask me about similar apps to DT for the PC. Of course my first answer is to tell them to get a Mac and get DT, but I actually like to be helpful on occassion as well :wink:

i know of two PC programs that are somewhat similar to DT - Nota Bene (although it is text only - no pdfs, html, movies, audio support) and IdeaMason, which can import many other formats, but keeps it in plain text I think.

Is there any other PC apps that anyone knows of? Thanks.

Ultra Recall is similar.

ok, so there are similar apps in window xp?
will they communicate with DT over LAN.?
I have a mixed platform office environment and i am trying to find apps like DT that work together .

I found two others, evernote and onenote.

But I’m pretty sure that there won’t be any integration like what you are looking for.

AskSam and possibly the Surfulator.

Zoot. It’s the only reason I regret leaving Windows. Even DT can’t match the way Zoot uses agents and metadata to massage and present information. I’m hoping that the DT team will address this in v2.

I don’t think zoot is comparable to DT, they are designed for different things. It is more comparable to yojimbo or SOHOnotes. DT is primarily a research tool, not something for handling contacts and mail. And zoot can’t handle multiple types of files like DT.