Some humble suggestions...

I just started using DEVONthink and DEVONagent about a month ago to support my research. It is by far the most useful software I have come across in a long time! Having said this, I have a small wish list for additional features for both applications. I’ve looked at the forums and tried not to duplicate too many requests, but bare with me - it’s my first post… also, please let me know if any of this can be achieved in the existing version (I’m only a novice on it still).

1.	Ability to define your own columns in the group view, similar to what you are able to do in a sheet. Alternatively, it would be useful to have additional columns such as author, source and type. I'm keen to use the Comment field to add general meta-tags, but would like to have separate columns to indicate eg journal article, written by etc.
2.	Ability to associate or add notes to a file, either through a general RTF associated with the file or annotation of PDFs etc directly in the document... the Comment is useful, but would be nice to keep this for meta-tags and have a more advanced annotation feature.
3.	Ability to click on "words" in the analysis section and have these highlighted in the current document (similar to the search tool in the Digest section of DEVONagent).
4.	Dynamic integration with iCal and Address Book, rather than having just an import function... 
5.	Integration with referencing software such as Bookends or Senti or Endnote.
6.	Better integration with, although the import script does seem to do this ok...

I hope that all made sense… look forward to hearing if any of it is possible!

All the best

Yes, please. I’m hoping the ability to add custom metadata will arrive in 2.0. Then Devonthink will really fly.

I’ll add 7. Visual mapping of information, like Tinderbox or Visual Thesaurus. Sometimes all the stuff thrown into DT doesn’t make much sense as just text. Some way of visualising it in a graphic sense would make it a lot easier to work through at times.

Further to your 7… I would welcome some visualization of the word analysis function… which btw is simply fantastic!

For some existing discussion on visualisation in DT, mine through the Usage Scenarios: “Difference between DT and Tinderbox?” thread…

You will see visualization first in the soon-to-be-released DEVONagent 2.0.

Fan-bloody-tastic! For Christmas?

Not Christmas. :smiley:

But probably not long to wait.


thanks for the feedback. Most of this stuff is already in the pipeline except #4 and #5. But one never knows what the future will bring :wink: