Some inconsistency in DT3.5 between the sorting of groups in Navigate bar and view pane

When a database is sorted:

The Inbox, Tags, Annotations groups are always at the top in the view pane (good), but those three groups are not at the top in the Navigate bar with the General>Sidebar>Unify databases being disabled?


Which sorting do you use for the view? Is the preferences to keep groups on top en/disabled?

Yes. Thanks.

And the sorting of the view? By name? Anyway, this preference doesn’t have any impact on the sidebar as most items in the sidebar are groups, therefore you have to sort the sidebar by kind.

Is this behaviour the same as DT3?
Perhaps I was never aware of it. I will remember that for now. Thanks.

Do you mean DEVONthink 2? This version didn’t have such options and the sidebar was quite basic.

No, I meant DT3.0 vs DT3.5. I have no further question on this, Sorry for the confusion :sweat_smile:.

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