Some Mails fail to import


I have the problem (I think since Mountain Lion) that some mails fail to import with the following error:

09:12:10: Error importing message “xxxxxxxx” from “xxxxx” at 2012-08-10 15:15:06 +0200 [NOTE: this exception originated in the server.]
*** -[NSProxy methodSignatureForSelector:] called!

it happens with different IMAP servers
with The Mail Importer and also when I try to add only one of the messages via “Message/Add to DevonThink” in Mail.
the amount of failed imports is for example “29 out of 229” or “121 out of 1137”

DevonThink Pro Office 2.4.1

Thank you for your help.

Might be an IMAP sync error on your Mail client. Try this: in Mail control-click a mailbox and select "Synchronize ", then wait for the Mail client to sync with your mail server, and re-try the import. Depending upon the mail server, connections, and cussedness of Apple Mail :confused: , it can take a good while to re-sync with IMAP.

Sadly, re-syncing the IMAP account did not solve this.
The errors are on a iCloud account and on accounts on my own server.

Then open a ticket with support, and include any relevant console messages.

Ok. I’ll do that.


I’ve got the same problem with some messages and iCloud. Any new information ?


There’s still no final solution to the problem.

Sometimes Rebuilding the Mailbox did help, but it did not always fix it for every message.

Moving the messages to a local mailbox and importing them there works.


Just an FYI… Storing the emails locally is always better for mail syncing than trying to do it through your service’s IMAP servers.

I can report that version 2.4.3 fixed my mail importing problems. :smiley: