Some menus close randomly

Hey there, I am using the premium version of Devonthink to go on the new ipad 2018 11 inch and would love to use the app heavily, but a very annoying bug prevents me from doing so: many menus like the info panel of a pdf (e.g. for renaming), or the menu that opens when you want to move a file, close randomly, so that often I am able to type just one character and the panel closes…

Thanks a lot in advance for any help!

Are you holding the device when this happens?

No, I was only touching the keyboard (I thought the same first, but its completely reproducible)

Does it persist after rebooting the device?

Thank you for the quick replies!

Rebooting was fixing it first but then I did some more testing, and was able to reproduce it in the following occasions:

  • when I hold the ipad in my hands, I open the info panel on a file, and tilt the device slightly (which is just enough so the accelaration sensor notices it I think) then the info panel disappears (I dont have to be typing or doing anything else during that)

  • when I have the ipad lying on the table tilted by the smart folio, then clicking the info panel button shows it a split second and it immediately disappears.

I hope that helps, thanks again!

Thanks for the extra info!

Yup, I have the same iPad model and can reproduce the issue as the OP has described.

I have had this same issue with iPad Pro 10.5”, and did some testing after reading this thread.

It seems that any movement of the iPad, in either portrait or landscape orientation, causes things like the Info popover menu to be dismissed.

Laying flat on a table, either orientation, the Info menu remains available for as long as desired. Pick up the iPad slightly, in either orientation, and the menu disappears. Similarly, using the iPad propped-up with the Smart Cover or similar case, the Info menu may stay in place or it may disappear, depending on how much movement your typing causes.

Any word on a fix for this?

Thanks - Matt