Some more meta data and an UI improvement

Hi there,

would you at DT consider adding some - maybe optional through preferences - metadata things to create a possibility

  • to “group” together documents: e.g. some documents that make up a case, and all cases on one topic are grouped together in a file. Although it could be done by using tags (btw: best idea ever :wink:, it will be much better to do such a thing in a structured way and some nice UI fields

  • for scheduling resubmissions (from inside DT: at opening the app or accessed by a UI element in the tree view “Show all resubmissions, sort by date, color red the one due this very day,…” based on (presence or absence) of tags or bound to dates without putting it all in iCal

  • to link together documents with dependencies - consider this as a “micro-grouping” inside a case file; case (see above) groups together all documents that belong to the case, this links two or more documents inside the case, which have a very tight relationship (think of invoice and receipt for payment)

For the UI:

  • using multiple screens or spaces with DT being in full-screen mode, dialog boxes during scanning and “importing” the scan into DT pop up on different screens; the screen should be user selectable and being remembered

  • after scanning the “import” dialog pops up (modal), where one can enter title, author, subject, tags and date: it would be really helpful - while dialog is open - to have access to documents already in the database (the DT main Windows) and also to the scanned document content itself to copy the title or subject and paste it into the dialog; for this thing I could imagine the dialog to be resizable and the document shown in full size and content accessible instead only a thumbnail. Would speed things up a lot.

I really would appreciate hearing from you on these ideas. And of cause, from others here in the community.

Kind regards

That’s also possible by using groups & replicants.

Reminders are planned for a future release.

The dialog is actually already resizable.

Thanks for answering my feedback.

Using groups & replicants for this, is (IMHO) is a little bit more awkward.

Sounds good - hope it won’t take so long as updating the integrated FineReader engine does…

Yes, it is. But would make a lot more sense if one were able to cut and paste from the document into the dialog fields.

Kind regards

Mmh, I have to admit: using groups and replicants might have some advantages. :open_mouth:
Gimme some time to sort this out.

Picking text out of a scanned document to fill in title, etc. - that wish still holds :wink:

Kind regards

While displaying the content of a document: Select a string of text that would make a good Name for the document. Press Control-I. Presto!

This is, of course, only possible after OCR has been performed on the scanner output file.

Wonderful hint! For the first time I noticed that the right click context menu allows me to automatically name a document from selected text :slight_smile:
BTW: Control-I doesn’t seem to work.

But to state it clear, I mean access to a documents content at another stage: after my ScanSnap handed over the scan, DT is doing it’s OCR (as seen by showing the Activity Window) and after this a “metadata dialog” pops up, with a preview picture of the first page of the document and one can fill in document title, dates, some tags, …

This is where I would like to have access to the OCR’ed document contents - and it would be really great to select text and press Control-I at this point. But I think this would require a more elaborate preview than just displaying a picture of a page. IMHO ideal solution: to use the same “view” in this dialog, as DT uses in it’s main window.

  1. Invoking the Command-I shortcut on a selected text string in a document of any filetype always works here. Does your issue remain after a computer Restart? If so, perhaps you’ve hijacked that keyboard shortcut for another action.

  2. I’ve always considered the metadata displayed via Tools > Show Database Properties (Author, Company, Copyright, etc.) to be of such limited utility that I don’t bother with them. They don’t work for many of the filetypes in my databases, and even when they work for a filetype such as PDF, some of the fields are not editable, and which ones are editable seems almost random.

Much worse, when the option to enter metadata in DTPO Preferences > OCR is checked, the modal dialog that pops up for entry stops the queue of documents to be OCRed, while waiting for user response. I leave that unchecked. I enter the newly OCRed document’s Name after capture to a database, using the technique in 1), above.

On my system the default (out of the box, no customisation by me) shortcut key for setting the name as the selection is Ctl-Cmd-i. It didn’t used to be set at all and I had to roll my own, but ctl-cmd-i has been the default for the last few versions, AFAICR. I certainly don’t have to do anything to set it up now.

On a pedantic point – the name of the relevant script in the Rename section is ‘Selected Text’ but the name of the action on the context menu is ‘Set Name As’.

My bad. I got fumble-fingered. You are correct: the keyboard shortcut to make a selected text string the Name of a document is Control-Command-I. :blush: