Some needs (hope being in next release)

  1. DTP open one database but offer opportunity to open one or more windows (useful when working a complex subject) - BUT when a database is closed and reopened, only one window is opened (DTP don’t memorize the other windows (size, position,…).
  2. New folder button in file requester (i.e. in the download manager option destination) is absent… so sometimes, it is necessary to go to finder to create the new folder and again come back to DTP.
    DTP after two weeks as registered user confirm promises… next step: adaptation of scripts to scenarii…


Here’s the answer to [1] above:

Using File > Database Properties, set one of your databases as the default.

Using DT Pro Preferences > General / Startup: CHECK Open windows that were open on quit.

Now DT Pro will remember the windows that were previously open at quit or close time in your databases.

I’ve got DT Pro, and have these checked. But when I quit DT without first closing a database window, when I reinvoke DT, no database is opened. Are you saying that the last opened database should be opened/displayed again?


If you have set preferences to remember open windows and checked the Database Properties panel to make your main database the default, DT Pro when next launched will open the default database and will open the previous set of windows. If you had switched to a different database before quitting, the default database will nevertheless be opened on next launch.

But if you close all your open windows before quitting or closing the default database, DT Pro will remember that state. So don’t do that. :slight_smile:

If you do that, at next launch DT Pro will open the default database, but without an open window. You would have to select File > New View to see the top level of your database.

Normally I have several windows open in each of my databases, including the top level view, my Bookmarks group (and perhaps a couple of Bookmark subgroups, such as Scientific Journals, if I’m doing lots of Web searches), my Incoming group and perhaps a couple of document windows when I’m writing and editing. If I close that database by switching to a different database, or quit DT Pro, the state of open windows will be remembered. Note: DT Pro will remember all open windows except Search windows.

Note: It is very important that you designate a database as default. Otherwise, when DT Pro is next launched it will open without an active database, which would mean that if another application or script is trying to send data to DT Pro it would be unable to do so.

Note: If you wish to switch to a different database, you do not have to act to close the current database. Just switch to the other database and the current one will be properly closed automatically.

Hope this helps.

As I just described in another post, reopening previously open windows only works correctly when I quit DTP and relaunch it with a different database but not when I open a different database while DTP is running.

I frequently switch databases in which I’ve got several windows open at close or quit.

When I switch from my main database to another, the second database opens with the previously open set of windows for that database.

Switching back to the first database, it opens with the previously open set of windows. All this without quitting DT Pro.

This always works for me. I’ve named my main database as default (Database Properties option). I’ve set Preferences > General to open the set of windows that were present when the database was last quit or closed. It just works. I can move around among my set of databases and always see them open with my preferred set of windows for each database.