Some new ideas/features?!


I would like to place here some ideas I have, to make DTP(O) a little bit more better than it is allready. I hope you like these features and you will integrate some or all of them.

DTP Selection/View/Visualisation/Conversion

  • Add Trash folder, similar to Inbox/Tags to the DB.

  • Make Word, Excel or E-Mail (.eml) Text selectable by default to copy text simply into another document or if not possible, add option to put Textview/Preview button by default to on/off.

  • Add function button to fit documentview (also files from quicklook) into the preview pane (so the whole document preview can also be printed, and not just a part of it).

  • Add function to convert excel table to table in rtf document.

  • Convert document, that is allready in the DB into a PDF (same as print --> save as PDF).

  • Add empty trash also for every single database, not only global.


  • Create a similar structure for the Database as in DTP, so the folders containing the files will show below the DB Name.

  • Add the folder navigation capability like in Finder/DTP or as on Windows. I mean here the little triangle at the left of a folder.

  • Add move files/folders support.

  • Add delete files/folders support (with ability to lock DB in DTP so no one can edit/move/delete files in webshare).

  • Add support for viewing the same filetypes as in DTP itself (In my case for .xls, .xlsx and .eml).

  • Select, download and upload multiple files.

  • Add function that videos will fit into preview frame


  • Make Inbox deletable.

  • Set Preference so files in Inbox will be put to global directory or currently selected DB.