Some odd errors in my log

So I just sat down in front of my Mac for the first time in a few days, and saw some unusual errors (see below).

The time stamps for the errors correspond to times when I wasn’t even using my Mac (though DEVONthink had been left open).

Should I be worried about these errors?

2022-12-30, 7:12:50 AM: The file “2CA3B94F-CFDA-437B-9AB0-175798FE8279.plist” doesn’t exist.	The file doesn’t exist. (NSCocoaErrorDomain 4)
2022-12-30, 5:16:45 PM: The file “2CA3B94F-CFDA-437B-9AB0-175798FE8279.plist” doesn’t exist.	The file doesn’t exist. (NSCocoaErrorDomain 4)
2022-12-31, 4:14:28 PM: The file “28E195BB-822F-48D2-9059-4EDE7EB4C9B1.plist” doesn’t exist.	The file doesn’t exist. (NSCocoaErrorDomain 4)

I Googled this error message and found a number of enlightening hits.

Sounds like you are using Apple’s CloudKit or iCloud to sync that the the wanted file not found on their server. Why, dunno. But we do know, from reports here and related to other products, that Apple’s sync services have been unreliable for some. While you weren’t using your Mac, apparently it was turned on, DEVONthink running, and connected to the network. So Apple’s sync engine decided to do a synch. AFAIK, it’s not possible to “schedule” syncs. They just happen automagically if all the conditions in place (sync needed, network available, DEVONthink running, etc.).

I guess best is to simply wait for Apple’s sync to run correctly, or add alternative sync services.

Someone may know more and report here.

Edit: also search for this “NSCocoaErrorDomain 4” message on this site and you’ll find some advice.

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The only intervallic sync options are e.g, Every Minute, Every 5 Minutes, etc.…


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I’ve been using iCloud sync for at least 2 years now, and don’t recall every getting any errors.

Got another one today. Perhaps it’s some transient issue that Apple will fix.

CloudKit has not been very reliable for many people ​(including developers) ​for several months.