Some PDF files don't import

I experienced the other day that some PDF files did not want to import into DevonThinkPro. Unfortunately I cannot remember the specifics and forgot which files they were, so my question is in general: can it be that certain PDF versions won’t import?

PDFs come in so many flavors – or does DTP import all PDF files? Are there known limitations?

Thanks, Martin.

DEVONthink should import all PDFs that are compatible with Mac OS X’s Quartz engine. Try it in Preview. If Preview opens the PDF, DEVONthink should do, too.

I have the experience that VERY occasionally a PDF fails to import (but which is easily opened in Preview). I am unable to explain why this is…

I guess I could submit an example of such a PDF if it would help.

Lemme know.


Yes. Just attach the PDF to a message to Support, with a description of the problem you experienced.

As it turns out, the .pdf I was going to serve up as an example was screwy! However, I have experienced a failed .pdf import before… however, it is extremely infrequent.

Next time it happens I’ll fire it to support to have a look.