Some queries and observations from a newbie


In a database where I imported some critical work related documents got corrupted. The database is less than a week old and I am shocked to see this happen! I got “1 major file system error”. I chose ignore and selected to verify and repair from tools menu inside. This then reported some 27 memory errors and 14 file errors and the repair process left some 13 file errors uncorrected. This obviously did not fix the issue as I got the same error the next time I opened the database. This time I used rebuild option, to export the contents and re import automatically into a new database and this seem to have worked so far. I am still shaken a bit of this kind of experience- as I was planning to use the database as a threshold and repository for all my research work in the lab.
On the other hand I also tried to push the limits of DT pro by importing all my digital media collections so far into it (about 10, 000 images and about 1000 QT movies files shot with my Dimage) - now that data base size is about 24GB and though it seems to ponder for about 90 seconds to open it while launching it seems to be intact and working so far. Well my plan was to use DT pro as the main media management software to add, edit comments, rename, rotate images for classification etc. Is any one successfully doing that? The financial conditions wont allow me to buy dedicated softwares for dedicated use- and so I am left to suck the most out of the most promising one out there- and that I thought was DT pro!
what is the best way of file management - can anyone point me to a discussion on when to link, when to put it in database folder and when to import it into the database (the three choices you get for PDF and media imports)?
Is there anyway to keep omni documents as such on import? Basically DT pro seems to recycle the .oo3 documet into a folder with the images and an unreadable xml file whenever I import such a document containing text and pics. (wonder if there should be an exclusion list in preferences where user can toggle whether or not they want DT to convert for every of document that it can convert)

I am eager to see what you advanced users think about these, as I learn a ton from your discussions here.