Some questions about tags, replicants, etc.

I have DT Pro Office 2, latest version.

  1. DT detects when a newly imported item is a duplicate. Is it possible to change this such that it creates a replicant or does not import the item again?

  2. DT’s manual clearly states that Tags are no different than Groups. Why does the Classifier not recommend tags in the same way? The only way I see tags and groups as something distinct are that tags are concepts, in a way, and groups are projects or contextual identifiers of those concepts. I sort of understand why tags are excluded, as there are “related tags” mentioned when you click on a tag in the tag bar, but I was wondering if there was some well-defined logic behind this.

  3. Can I remove the “Inbox” from the Sorter? I want to use the Inbox for a single database there, and not have to deal with the global Inbox. The same goes for the Inbox in the Finder. Is is possible to replace this with another Inbox or another group?

  1. DEVONthink classifies items as duplicates based on content analysis, and two different documents with slight content variation might be identified as duplicates even though they are not identical copies. So the short answer is, no.

  2. Although all tags are related to the group concept, operationally there are two types of tags: ‘group’ tags resulting from the user’s organizational structure; and user-created tags and imported OpenMeta tags.

If desired, specific groups can be excluded as tags (in Tags View and in the Tag Bar), or all groups within a database can be excluded as tags. Then one is left with ‘conventional’ tags.

  1. No, if the Inbox is removed it won’t be possible to directly save content from other applications to the Global Inbox — and it’s not possible to substitute routing from the Inbox to a specific database Inbox or group.

So even with a single database, the existence of the Inbox and the Global Inbox is a great convenience if one wishes to directly save a document such as a new word processing document to DEVONthink Pro/Office, or if one wishes to capture a WebArchive of an HTML page, or a displayed PDF as PDF from Safari by choosing ‘Save As’ and choosing the Inbox location.

It’s likely that at some point you will find it convenient to create multiple databases.

Of course, the Sorter has lots of empty slots (it’s expandable). You can drag the Inbox of each of your databases into an empty slot, or even favorite groups into empty slots so that you can drag items from the Finder to a desired location. Items dragged into the Sorter will be placed into a ‘holder’ for their desired destination, even if DT Pro/Office isn’t running at the time, or the destination database isn’t open at the time.

Thanks. This makes sense. The only thing I’m left wanting is some way of only creating replicants and not duplicates. I understand the usefulness of flagging something recently imported as a duplicate, but I’m working on some database migration (from Evernote and Yojimbo) and because tags don’t transfer I’m importing by tags. Perhaps Veritrope can help with a new script, soon.


I created an Applescript a while back that converts Duplicates to Replicants, perhaps something you might want to use at the very end of your conversion as a batch process:

As mentioned, it worked fine for me on a database of several thousand PDFs, but hasn’t been extensively tested, so please make backups of your work.

While I can’t help you get started with Applescript, I can provide some support for the script, although I’m traveling this coming week.

HTH, Charles