Some questions regarding the use of tags

Hi everyone, I started using DT2G just recently, still trying to wrap my head arround the app. Read the manual, got me some insight, but still far too many questionmarks floating arround.
So I hope I can get help from the knowledgeable folks arround here:

  1. How do you select or filter according to multiple tags?
    I have created a database, and put some pdf into it. Tagged the pdf’s according to topics covered in the text. My problem is, I cannot find a way to “filter” according to more than one tag? (i.e. I want to show only pdf’s which have tags “Quantum Mechanics” and “Non-locality”) What am I missing?

  2. In the database I created, there is no “SmartGroup” for tags - just the Inbox and the list of pdf-files. Is there a way to see the tags “present” in this database only? (I know about the SmartGroup Tags in the root-view).

  3. Before bying DT2G, I read all the available info on the superior tagging system in this app. After using the app for a while, I am getting the feeling that either I am missing something or that this app is not what I am looking for.

  4. I have created some databases, and put pdf’s and pictures into them. However, the number in brackets next to the name of the database shows (0). If I put a file in the inbox of the database, it changes to (1). Am I experiencing a bug? Because whenever I see a screenshot of DT2G, I see databases with big numbers in the brackets. Not really a big deal, but this points me again to the suspicion that I am missing something.

Could anybody help with my questions?

  1. You could use: Tags:”quantum mechanics non-locality"
  2. Local smart Groups are currently not supported. This may be a feature in future releases.
  3. I’m not sure what you’ve read, but we make no claim about Tagging being superior in DTTG2. DTTG2 isn’t a Tags-based application per se. Tags are just one option that can be used.
  4. No, there’s no bug. The number is the number of items in the Inbox of a database.

Thank you very much for the prompt answers Bluefrog. I was expecting some solution like a tag cloud where you could select multiple tags which would filter the resuls (similar to TagNotate on iOS or Calibre on Win). Search field will have to suffice.

Regarding #3: wasn’t reffering to the DT team, but to various reviews like this: … files.html
Or: … evonthink/


Sorry, no Tag Cloud option is available. We may consider this for future releases, but it’s the first request I’ve seen.

+1 for a tag cloud feature. I heavily use tags for finding files, and it’s a pain to have to laboriously type in tags in the search field. Apps such as Evernote and Keep It use a tag cloud,and I find it a big time saver. Also, it would be useful to enhance the search field to prompt for available tags when adding tags for a search.

Ammonite works really well, if you are willing to spend about $10 for tag-cloud functionality in DTPO:

Cassady, thanks for the suggestion; however, that doesn’t solve my problem. First, what I need is a tag cloud filter in DTPO (and DT2G), so that I can use the excellent DT search capabilities on the filtered set of files. Ammonite only does simple tag filtering without any other search capabilities (eg. boolean search operators in DT). Second, Ammonite is Mac only, so it won’t work on DT2G.

The tag cloud feature or a tags folder similar to dtpo would be great.