some questions

  1. in list-view, why there isn’t the possiblity to press space and have a quicklook view of the item?
    it should be nice to have a list view with quicklook…

  2. when i change between views, DT loses the “memory” of the file i was working with, the one highlighted… why?
    the only time it remains, is when i move from split-view to list-view… it should be improved…
    i mean, if i have highlighted a file in 3pane view and then change the view to list or split, then DT highlight hte group in which the file was, not the specific file… it should be improved…

  3. i have searched but i still don’t understand how the global inbox works… why when i move files from global inbox to database-inbox, they remains in the global inbox too! if i have 100 files in global inbox and i move 30 of them, how can i know later which remains to be moved?

  4. why with the sorter i’m able to copy, move or make alias of files, and instead using the inbox i can just copy or make an alias?

sorry for all questions at a time, but i’m trying to understand if DT suits my needs, so i write u everything i found… :slight_smile:

Raf: See this thread and the threads referenced inside it:

Right now, this is an active thread. You might wish to set a bookmark in your browser to the following URL so that you can see all the active discussions on this board at a glance:


This works with the new public beta 5 which is ready for download right now.

On your other points: I agree, those things should be improved (most of them have been requested before).


thanks, i’m downloading right now :slight_smile:

however, it seems that questions 1 and 3 are going to be resolved…