Some Rich Text editable, some not on iPad

I imported rich text files to DT on my Mac.
On Mac, all files are editable (ie: I can input text inside the note or below)
On iPad, some notes can be edited, some not…
I would like all Rich Text file to be editable, any idea ?
Thanks a lot,

Welcome @raphael-g

I just responded to your support ticket.

And for anyone wandering by, RTFD files are not currently editable in DEVONthink To Go due to the third=party rich text framework we had available to us. We are hard at work (well, @aedwards is doing all the magic and heavy lifting!) on our new text editor that will offer a much better text editing experience. This includes editing RTFD files.

Stay tuned for good things to come.


Thanks for your reply
Any idea to batch convert those rich text file to simple txt in order to edit them on iPad ?

See Data > Convert > to Plain Text

Sorry, maybe this is stupid question:

How to know which rich text file will be editable and which not ?

There’s no possibility on the Mac to figure this out but the upcoming new editor of DEVONthink To Go should make (almost) all rich text documents editable.

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RTFD files are currently not editable in DEVONthink To Go. If there’s any kind of attachment in the file, e.g., photos, etc., it’s an RTFD file.