some thoughts about searching specific content

When I try to search my database for specific content, I encounter some limitations.

  1. supposed I like to search for something which I know was several years ago. The time-related search parameters however only give me the choice between yesterday, last week, last month (and so on) up to last year. If I look at something what happened eg. in 2001, I have to go to the tools menu, history and I get a list of each and every document. There I now have to mark all documents which are “10 years ago” and I label them e.g. in yellow. Then I go back to the search window, conduct my search limited to “all yellow labeled documents” - it works, but there should be a smarter way to achieve this.

  2. If I like to narrow my search to everything but “xls”-Document - it doesn’t seem to work. DT does not always recognize xls-Documents as tables. Now, if I have to apply the workaround under 1) to this also, I will be short of colours soon… I mean, I can search by name and use “NOT xls” but then, the key-word also have to be found in the document’s title. If I search inside the content of the document, the “NOT xls” doesn’t produce much result.

Is there something like a “best practise guide” for search parameters and efficient searching out there? Maybe I also have to re-think structure…

You’ve hit upon a couple of limitations that may of us share with respect to searching/retrieving documents. For #1 (Searching on dates older than 1 year), it might be worthwhile to take a look at Ammonite. For #2 (Excluding a particular document kind), the best option that I have found thus far is to sort the search list or group by kind, and skip over the document type(s) that I want to omit. I wish there were a better way… Perhaps there is and someone else will chime in with some other options.