Some thoughts on this wonderful app

There are numerous apps (used to be called programs) that came and gone in my last 35 years of using computers for my work. Some apps you just never forget. On the top of my list that’s Lotus Agenda - it is the Excel’s pivottable of information. There is no app like that. DTPO and another MS windows only old app (forgot its name - it stopped develop around 2008) are the closest to it.

I dig deep into DTPO in the last few weeks and it is truly an amazing piece of work. It seems to me that the recent philosophy of new apps is more like producing snippets that intend to look good and do some specific jobs (with some just-ok bonus features) so that it can be charged for under 10 dollars. DTPO and some others (like Scrivener) stick to its philosophy as a self contained environment which serve “a purpose” and not “a function”.

I read quite a number of posts in the forum and just want to reiterate the two wishes in information management. (1) Advancement on tag management (search, filter, order, display) (2) some custom meta-data capability. (1) and (2) are related. For example, 35 years of article publications needs 35 tags, but just one meta-data field. Same for authors, source of info, etc. Tags are always treated as sting while perhaps metadata can have types (string, date, numeric). This make the rule-setting of smart folder easier.

I understand that many of these functions can be achieved by the current DTPO in different manner (some easy and some creative). Just think that this will be very useful of some of the DTPO users.

Best regards

Thanks for the nice feedback :smiley: Better tag management and custom metadata (including types and smart group support) are definitely in the pipeline.

That’s wonderful news!

This sounds fantastic. I would love to be able to edit the metadata fields (e.g. Author, From, Recipient, etc.). Currently it appears that these fields are only applicable to certain types of files e.g. emails.

Further - if we can create new metadata fields that would be wonderful. For instance I use spotlight comments for dates, and would like to have a separate field for page numbers.