Somehow I assigned a tag to a whole folder

Have no idea how, but a comparatively minor tag of mine is now associated with 500 documents… How do I undo this? I am running DTPO 2.11.3 Thanks - JM

Just select the group and use Tools > Show Info to remove the tag.

Note: the 2.x line has been out of development for a long time now. We strongly encourage moving to DEVONthink 3, sooner rather than later.

Ah right, I forgot you could do that with whole folders… I keep meaning to check out DT 3, but every time I upgrade any program I seem to end up losing half a day because things go awry and I have to straighten them out, so I’ve been reluctant on the not broke don’t fix it angle. :wink: Also hasn’t the 3 pane view been 86’d from the new version…?

There are modifications to approximate Three Pane view. I haven’t heard complaints in a long time.

And transitioning to 3 isn’t a difficult process.