Something about Appleworks RTF's

I tried several times to import an RTF document created by Appleworks into DT Pro. I get the text but I get a whole bunch of wierd looking characters and numbers with all of these and the text run together on each line. It reminds me of the old PC Wordperfect where you could actually view the controls or preferneces in each document.

However, the strangest thing is the document always starts with a list of all of the fonts that I have.

If I save the same document as a txt format, it will import correctly into DT Pro. Is there something in Appleworks RTF’s that DT Pro does not understand? Is there a way to get them to import correctly?


is TextEdit able to open the file?

TextEdit is able to open it perfectly.

Could you send me the document? Then I could check this over here - thank you!

I had a similar problem importing rtfs from Appleworks. Once I changed the filename to filename.rtf and reimported, it worked just fine.