Something basic for a newbie

I’m evaluating DT prior to purchasing.
I’m trying to get DT to synch an original MS excel file with the file in DT.
Whenever I open the excel file in my DT database, change cells & save, the original file is unaltered.
Am I expecting too much or is there a feature I am yet to discover??
Help, at this point I am about to delete DT. :question: :blush:

You may view Excel files in DT, but not edit them there. To edit, use Data > Open With, or add the Open Externally icon to your main toolbar. Open Externally will open any selected document in the appropriate default editor for that file type, depending on your settings for that file type in Finder. In other words, the default editor for .xls files is Excel, and that is what clicking Open Externally will launch for .xls files. All edits that you make to your file in Excel, and then Save in Excel, will be immediately viewable in DT.

See the “File Formats” topic in DT’s Help for more information.

Thanks Korm, appreciated & it works!! :slight_smile: