Sometimes unable to type Chinese in Name field of a document

Hi, I’ve noticed for a long time that there’s a problem typing Chinese characters in the Name field of a document from the inspector panel. It’s irritating when it happens. Here’s a demonstration by screen recording.

CleanShot 2022-06-18 at 11.28.55

As you can see, since one has to use a input method to type Chinese characters, it seems DT received prematurely the pinyin combos which were not finalized yet rather than actual Chinese characters, then it initiated some kind of automatic reloading. The result was pinyin combos rather than Chinese characters themselves became filename.

Oftentimes renaming a file with Chinese from inspector can only be successful if the reloading action is not kicked midway.

Some explanation in case you aren’t familiar with typing Chinese:
Each Chinese character corresponds to a romanized pronunciation called pinyin so one can type easily with a latin keyboard. In this example, chong, ming and so on. After typing pinyin words, one normally press Space key to register the Chinese characters into the text field.

  • Are you editing the name soon after capturing, creating, or editing the document?
  • What are your sync preferences?

No. It happens to existing unedited documents too, e.g., existing immutable image files.

Here’s my sync preference:

Thanks for the follow-up.

Set the Synchronize to Manually and see if the behavior recurs.

Cool. It’s not recurring when setting Synchronize to Manually.

By experimentation, I noticed it actually also occurs when typing in name field without using an input method intermediary, as long as I type words (or gibberish latin characters) really slowly. So it’s indeed related to sync. Is this a known issue of Automatic synchronization? Is Automatic not recommended and I should better off choose periodic sync options?

And there’s still questions: this doesn’t occur (and has never occurred to me) when I change name in the Name column of the list view. Be it English or Chinese. It only occurs in Info popover and Inspector panel. Shouldn’t they work in the same way?