Sophisticated Sort

In Excel when doing filtering/sorting, you can ask Excel to first sort a column in a certain way, then sort another column, then another. I can’t find a way to do this in DTProOffice.

For example, I have a folder of emails that I first want to sort by the “from:” field, then by “date”. This would enable me to look through quickly just a certain set of email from a particular person from a particular month. Is there a way to do this?

If there isn’t, I hope the next version of DT would implement it. For a database, sophisticated sorting is much needed.

While what you are suggesting is conceptually good, this is for the specific use case you mentioned.
You could create a Smart Group with criteria:
Author matches will match the name.
From matches will match the email address.

You could then sort the results by dates.

Is the column sort in DEVONthink a stable sort? If so, you can click on the tabs in reverse order.

For example, if you want to sort by name, then by email within name, you can

  • Click on the email header
  • Click on the name header